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Unique Fragances with All Saints.

A subsidiary of the British fashion house, AllSaints, the AllSaints perfume collection is famed for its unique, unisex fragrances that evoke the senses. Formulated with contrasting flavour profiles such as leather tones alongside floral notes, AllSaints perfumes allow you to express yourself through long-lasting luxurious fragrances throughout the day. Initially, AllSaints launched with only three signature fragrances – their bestseller, Sunset Riot, a woody floral perfume with an addictive and explosive scent for a richly warm and earthy finish; Metal Wave, an unexpected layered fragrance with key notes of magnolia and juniper berry; and Incense City, a luxurious blended form of cypress to offer a calm, provocative and fresh scent. Today, the brand has expanded to include a fourth collection – Leather Skies, a woody leather fragrance with top notes of olibanum, leather and black sandalwood. The secret at the heart of AllSaints' success is their commitment and dedication to designing and formulating high-quality products that can be worn by both men and women. All AllSaints products come in one size (100ml) and one design, emphasising their stripped-back ethos. You're sure to find a scent that captivates your senses and offers a new way to style yourself when you shop the range at LOOKFANTASTIC, official stockists of AllSaints products in the UK.
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