About Bumble and Bumble

Bumble and bumble began in in 1977, as a New York City salon famed for its signature rebel-elegance. Bb. Transcends hairdressing, crossing over into fashion and street-style. Their runway looks launched global hair trends-and, in 1991, a backstage need jump-started their iconic product range. With styling innovations inspiring fans everywhere. To this day they remain passionately dedicated to the transformational power of hair.

"The Bumble and Bumble legacy began in 1977 when founder Michael Gordon opened his first salon in New York City. Just a year later in 1978, the brand was first recognised when it made Vogue’s list of Top 10 New York Salons, offering followers a snapshot of the success it was about to enjoy over the next 44 years.

Bumble and Bumble have always been an innovative brand. In 1988, it developed the world’s first straight razor which went on to be a crucial part of its iconic cutting style, creating some of the shaggy cuts that dominated the era. Even today with the return of shaggy chic rockstar hair, you can see the brand’s influence.

However, it wasn’t until 1990 that Bumble and Bumble expanded and created its first product: Brilliantine. This is still a product that you can buy 31 years later and can use as a texturing tool to create that perfect 'just woke up like this' look which perfectly complements a signature shaggy style.

In more recent times, Bumble and Bumble are still pioneers. In 2016 they launched Don’t Blow It, for air-dried hair, which is a cult classic worldwide.

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