About the Brand

CBII is brought to you by global wellness leader Health & Happiness Group, where our mission is to help people live healthier, happier lives. With our range of full spectrum CBD products rooted in science, we are working to educate, simplify and demystify CBD to help you choose CBII with confidence. CBII's exclusive LINNEA315CSE™ full spectrum extract is award-winning, produced in Switzerland to provide superior and consistent quality from plant to you. Our products are created using a trademarked clean and sustainable ethanol extraction method that recycles over 90%of the ethanol used in the process. CBII is meticulously manufactured to world-class GMP and agricultural standards and every single batch is third party tested to verify its CBD content. Our feel-good CBD can work naturally to find a state of balance in the body, helping calm anxious minds and support sleep routines without any "high" for the person using it. With CBII, a feel good body and mind is only a drop away.