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Enjoy a relaxing spa at home with Cowshed

The Cowshed brand was founded by Nick Jones as a quirky alternative to traditional spas in Babington House in 1998. Its success soon exploded and has led to the opening of spas worldwide in cities such as London, Berlin, Miami and New York. Its creators then began to think more about how to rejuvenate the spa experience to make it a lot more accessible for those wishing to recreate a spa-like atmosphere from the comfort of their own home. This led to the launch of the Cowshed line of products that includes deodorant sprays, hand washes and shower gels.

Each product featured in the Cowshed range is designed to be paraben and preservative-free. This promotes a nourishing experience for the skin, cleansing away all of the day's dirt and impurities. A cult favourite of the Cowshed brand is the Refresh Hand Wash. For those who work with their hands and suffer from dry, cracked skin, chilblains or chapped skin, this product can work wonders to smooth and nourish the skin. Complete with a blend of orange, grapefruit and lavender, hands will also be left smelling beautifully fragrant.

We're official stockists of the Cowshed brand, so take a look and indulge yourself with a treat from the extensive collection.

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