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DS Laboratories are a brand determined to pioneer the haircare industry with their scientifically advanced products. Ranging from shampoos and conditions which restore and soften hair fibres, to treatments specifically created in combatting hair loss and thinning, all of their creations provide major breakthroughs in the haircare industry by focussing on high performance products which deliver genuine results. From clarifying build-up in the hair and softening brittle ends, to encouraging hair growth and battling hair thinning, DS Laboratories are scientific pioneers in the haircare industry, using key knowledge and expertise to advance the field.

With a relentless passion for advanced haircare technology, DS Laboratories is founded on five key principles which the company works to in order to produce and deliver ground-breaking haircare products, alongside their advanced treatment therapies which make a huge difference in the lives of their customer base. By concentrating on these principles, the brand delivers products with advanced biotechnology and unique active ingredients which give optimum results.
Foundation of Principles
1. DS Laboratories do not work to produce products that are simply better than their competitors; they only deliver products which are better AND unique to what other brands are offering. This means that none of their range is a variation of any other haircare product on the market, but instead contains features and benefits which are exclusive to the brand. By following this principle, the company ensures that the science behind their products remains at the forefront of their business, and ultimately that they deliver genuine results.
2. The brand is one of a select few cosmetic companies which has its own in-house testing centre for them to verify and test all ingredients which go into their products. If the ingredient doesn’t work, it isn’t used – simple.
3. Innovation comes before profit – their team of scientists work to a cost-is-no-object basis to produce the best quality products.
4. They aim to only create products which make a genuine difference – they are either ground-breaking or binned from their range – you will never find a product from the brand which is simply “okay.”
5. They are the first to research and deliver breakthrough technologies using rare ingredients to deliver optimum results. DS Laboratories have also ventured into SKINCARE to produce an innovative range of pioneering products that work in harmony with your skin to delivery healthy results.

The products are suited to skin which suffers from conditions such as dryness, uneven skin tone and breakout problems such as acne. The acidic PH matches that of the body’s natural PH levels, ensuring that it is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins, which is great for sufferers of dryness or acne which are problems that can come with varying degrees of skin sensitivity. The Hydroviton CR Skin Perfecting Skin Cleanser is great for combatting skin issues while keeping it hydrated and supple – perfect for a glowing complexion.
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Everyday Cleansing and Conditioning
Radia Shampoo and Conditioner – A clarifying and softening shampoo, the Radia range removes every-day and chemical build-up, while detoxifying and softening hair fibres. It does not strip hair of its own moisture or essential oils, but instead nourishes and protects, delivering pure hydration. If you suffer from concerns such as hair thinning or loss, the shampoo can be used in conjunction with other treatments to deliver optimal efficacy, as the brands entire range has been designed to work in conjunction with each other, ensuring maximum radiance, shine and protection for the hair.
Dry and brittle hair Nia Helio Hydrating Shampoo and conditioner – If you are suffering from dry hair then this product is perfect for you. It coats the hair with essential moisture boosting ingredients to give the glossiest and sleekest finish. As the technology in the product ensures that it works deep into the cuticle and penetrates the hair shaft, the shampoo guarantees hydration as it works to correct moisture loss rather than simply add hydration to the hair strand.
Top tip - As coloured hair can be dry and brittle from the bleach and colorant used, this shampoo is perfect for giving it an extra moisture boost and will ensure that your colour lasts longer by protecting the hair from dullness associated with dryness.
Hair thinning and loss
Revita.LT Shampoo and Revita.Cor Conditioner – This particular Shampoo and Conditioner combination contain only therapeutic ingredients and the finest quality natural active elements to stimulate hair follicles and strengthen current hair strands. If you are suffering from hair thinning or loss, it is important not to use harsh chemicals on the scalp which can cause sensitivity and irritation, leading to follicle damage and ultimately inhibiting future hair growth from the follicle. With key proteins, the shampoo works to support hair regrowth naturally whilst also maintaining the hair you have and keeping it healthy. A combination of unique amino acids and emu oil helps to feed the hair follicles with the nutrients they need, build new hair strands whilst maintaining scalp vitality to inhibit inflammation and itchiness as the hair starts to grow.
Top tip – If you are suffering from severe hair thinning or have complete hair loss, then you should combine the Shampoo and Conditioner with a specialist treatment to ensure optimal results. The range has been designed to work in harmony with each other so that each product compliments the other.
The Spectral RS-Hair Loss Treatment works to improve the circulation and metabolism of the hair follicle to stimulate growth and delivery key nutrition and active ingredients into the follicular cells. After washing the scalp, apply 14 drops twice a day, and massage into the head to allow a gradual release of the active ingredients.