About the Brand

For over 70 years eyes have been our obsession. With a rich heritage born in the glitz and glamour of the film industry, Eylure was created by make-up artists with a passion for innovation. We’ve lost precious beauty sleep making sure eye beauty is something everyone can indulge in.

Long lashes aren’t just for Hollywood. Everyone should feel ready for their close up, whether they’re heading up the aisle or catching the number 55. And with our support we’re here to get your look bang on! Every time. That’s a promise.



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Add volume, length and definition to your eyes with Eylure false lashes. Whether you want to achieve a natural-looking lash effect or full glam, Eylure lashes have an extensive array of false lash styles, including fluttery, natural and 3D-effect. If you’re a false lash pro, the individual lashes may be your go-to or if you’re a beginner, opt for the pre-glued or magnetic lashes. Whichever lash set you choose, you’re sure to flutter your way to perfection.

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