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Gift the ultimate skincare routine to your loved ones with Clinique gifts.

As one of the most famous cosmetics brands in the world, you can bet the team at Clinique knows a thing or two about dermatology. Established in 1968 following an article in Vogue magazine, Clinique was founded with the intention of bringing dermatological science to the cosmetics industry. The company's core strength is in creating simple, effective, scientifically-backed skincare products that follow the 3-2-1 system: cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise.

In 2008, Clinique partnered with Allergan to create Clinique Medical, a line of products designed specifically for pre and post-operative use by doctors and other health professionals. Alongside Clinique skincare and cosmetics, the company is also a producer of dozens of gifts that are perfect for Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions. Clinique's gifts are crafted with the same ingenuity as their cosmetics, with products bundled together to create all-in-one skincare regimes that suit all skin types.

Clinique skincare and gifts combine simplicity and convenience with scientifically proven formulations to create a line of products that are both effective and accessible. LOOKFANTASTIC is an official UK stockist of Clinique products and gifts. Browse our range of Clinique cosmetics and gifts today and find the perfect beauty gift for your friends and family.

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