Indeed Labs is aninnovative skincare brandthat use unique technologies to create effective and never before seen formulations. Sourcing the very best ingredients from around the world, Indeed Labs understand that no person's skin is the same, and that each one needs careful care and products to bring out the very best in its complexion. The brand itself were the first to formulate and design theworld's first ever skin blurring cream using exclusive nanoblur™technology,which gives your skin a naturally flawless finish.


"Formed in 2010, the idea behind Indeed Labs was inspired by Brandon Truaxe’s anger at the beauty industry. According to Brandon, everything he came across was fake; from the airbrushing in social media posts to the touched-up photos in ad campaigns and the celebrity endorsements for skincare products that simply didn’t live up to the hype.

Determined to create something 'real' in Hollywood, he founded Indeed Labs. Inside every product is the promise of proven ingredients and nothing is used for the sake of it. This means that you won’t find any low-quality ingredients or perfumes in an Indeed Labs formula.

Every brand has a cult classic product and for Indeed Labs, it's the Retinol Reface Retinol Skin Resurfacer. Like all Deciem products (its sister brand), it's named for its star ingredient, so there’s no confusion as to what to expect. The retinol used in the skin resurfacer comes in three forms (a peptide and some plant-based microspheres), which are infused together to create a cream. With regular use, the cream targets the signs of ageing – such as crow's feet, fine lines and wrinkles – for a visibly smoother complexion.

LOOKFANTASTIC is an official stockist of Indeed Labs in the UK."