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French brand IOMA are all about highly specialised, personalised Skincare. All their products are built around the idea that we all have unique skincare needs and so you can personalise your care. Discover your IOMA SkinCode and unlock your perfect Skincare regime. Using the best ingredients at the optimum concentrations, you can measure the results. 

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offer face products which target specific needs. The 1 range Moisturises, the 2 range Smooths, the 3 range Regenerates, the 4 range Calms, the 5 range Purifies, the 6 range Mattifies, the 7 range Unifies and the 8 range Brightens. Every range offers holistic care, from cleansing and everyday care to targeted treatments.

IOMA products use incredible, innovative technology so that you can measure the results of your Skincare at home. The IOMA Youth Booster, which is designed to moisturise, detoxify, regenerate and protect the skin, contains a sensor in the cap which tests the hydration levels in your skin so that you can see what moisture your skin needs day to day. It is no surprise that this is one of the bestselling IOMA products

Also, IOMA have the perfect solution to keeping your Skincare routine perfect whilst you travel, with the IOMA Tabs. They package your favourite essentials into the perfect dose tabs that can slip into your travel beauty bag so you never have to be without your ideal Skincare.