At Lancaster, for over 70 years we have been driven by a shared passion for light. Based in Monaco, our laboratories never cease in their quest to conquer the science of light and its interaction with the skin. By providing and pioneering advanced sun protection which filters out 100% of exterior light, Lancaster enables you to enjoy all the benefits of light day by day, while staying protected. Get the glow, live with light.


"The Lancaster brand was formed in 1946 by two visionaries: Georges Wurz and Dr Eugène Frezzatti. They aimed to get women excited about their skin again after the Second World War, and set about bottling up age-defying technologies. With a royal history extending to legendary ambassadors such as Princess Grace Kelly, it's no wonder that in 2021 the brand is still at the forefront of the protective skincare industry. These days the brand is perhaps best known for its contribution to sun care and tanning products, which first shot to fame in 1971.

Today, Lancaster’s cult products include the Sun Tan Maximiser After Sun Lotion and the Sun Beauty Satin Sheen Oil Fast Tan Optimiser Body SPF30. Both products allow for a natural tan, and the formula works in a way that doesn’t harm the skin. As we know, the sun’s UV rays can exaggerate signs of ageing such as dry skin (which leads to wrinkles and fine lines) and age spots. This means that it's important to have some star SPF products in our skincare routines – as Lancaster promotes – to counteract this.

At LOOKFANTASTIC, we’re proud to be official stockists of the Lancaster brand."