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About the brand

Believing that skincare could do more, Dr. Lancer set out to develop his own line of products and in 1985 The Lancer Method was born. Since then, Dr. Lancer has successfully brought to life his philosophy of “From Practice To Product”, developing a full range of award winning, at-home products that each individually simulate services provided to clients at the Lancer Dermatology Clinic in Beverly Hills.

The Lancer Method

Discover the 3-step regimen that Dr. Lancer puts every patient on to jump start the transformation of their skin. Once available only to his patients, now anyone can experience The Lancer Method and its benefits without visiting his practice.


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Browse the full range of Lancer skincare and bodycare products at Lookfantastic. Find out about the Lancer Method, developed by renowned Dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer and start your journey to glowing, youthful skin with Lancer beauty products. 

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