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Enjoy the benefits of lanolin oil to nourish your lips

Lanolips was founded in 2009 by Kirsten Carriol to help soften dry lips. Thanks to celebrities flaunting their perfect pouts all over social media, it's no wonder more of us are wanting to achieve plump lips too. However, to achieve this, you need a solid foundation. If your lips are dry and peeling, your lipsticks will crack and your glosses will flake, which is uncomfortable as well as unattractive. But that's where Lanolips shines.

With her family's sheep farming heritage, Carriol knew that lanolin, which comes from sheep, was one of the most underrated tools used to nourish the lips. Armed with this knowledge, she decided to create a product that would help other people, filling a massive gap in the market. Products such as the ever-popular Hydrating Lip Luminizer and the 101 Ointment Multi-Balm are made from a unique blend of lanolin oil – often called 'nature's wonder moisturiser' – and scientific technology. LOOKFANTASTIC is proud to be an official stockist of Lanolips in the UK.

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