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LIERAC is  an outstanding, rich and cutting-edge  brand founded in 1975 by Dr Cariel.

40 years of complicity with women, all women, at every age, in every moment of their lives.

40 years of innovation. LIERAC is a pioneeristic, avant-guardist brand, the first ever targetting stretch marks, eye contour, body slackening; the first ever formulating an anti-wrinkle treatment with grape seed extract.

40 years as beauty experts, 40 years of beauty expertise.

In a society in which beauty means youth, LIERAC offers a different vision: being beautiful is not only about being young, but also about achieving a harmony between BEING and APPEARING, about finding one’s self beauty statement.

The LIERAC mission

Helping women feel beautiful, no matter their age! 30, 40, 50, at any age, LIERAC offers women the most powerful anti-ageing skincare products

An Exceptional Expertise in cosmetics / Savoir Faire

1. Ultimate effectiveness: 

Thanks to scientific partnerships, LIERAC has developed a HYBRIDIZATION COSMETICS approach, combining the best of science, aesthetic medecine and nature in order to offer the very best in anti-ageing. Clinically proven effectiveness. Dermatologically tested formulas

 2. Absolute sensoriality: 

With over 40 years of expertise, our  laboratories are masters in the art of creating extremely sensorial textures that meet the needs of the most demanding women.

 3. Safety: 

Active research / Clinically measured effectiveness & tolerance. Removal or reduction of parabens, phenoxyethanol, petro-chemical derivatives, EDTA and substances that could cause allergies

LIERAC's Fundamental Values

Embodied by muses & women whose beauty transcends age

Science & Glamour:
A rigorous & scientific approach that does not preclude pleasure

High quality:
Elegant & refined formulas

A Unique Skincare Philosophy

Whatever the age, whatever the sign, WE CORRECT IT

LIERAC, 40 years and never so dynamic

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