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MÁDARA, is the name of a flowering green plant found in Latvia, which symbolises the naturally curated ingredients that goes into each skincare product the brand carefully produces.

MÁDARA Skincare and its ingredients are firmly rooted in the Northern region of Europe, where temperatures can plummet to extremely cold depths. This means that each botanical, plant extract and herb, has extraordinary properties that gives each one the ability to survive in such an extreme climate.

Once cultivated, MÁDARA puts all of these ingredients into each skincare product to make it even more efficient and special. And that’s it. All MÁDARA skincare is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fillers, and instead contains only the very goodness, cultivated from the heart of the icy North.

Founded in 2008, MÁDARA skincare started with the desire to bring the Baltic Herbs, renowned in the Nordic region for their powerful skincare abilities, into all of their beauty elixirs and remedies. Today, the brand is recognised by the international ECOCERT body, which guarantees that all of their products are free from synthetic ingredients.

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