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Discover innovation at its finest with cosmetics by Mavala

Mavala is a Swiss brand founded by Madelaine van Landeghem in 1959 that creates a wide range of innovative cosmetics and cosmetic solutions. It's a brand that aims to educate its users on how to beautify the skin, not just through the application of makeup, but also by solidifying our body's natural foundations with a little TLC. With expertise in caring for our faces, hands, nails and lashes, the Mavala brand boasts scientifically proven results from its products.

Mavala's success all started with the Scientifique Nail Hardener, which remains one of its staple products today. Ideal for both salon and home use, it creates a base for a manicure, helping flaky, weak nails become a thing of the past.

The Eye-Lite Double Lash Night Treatment is another of Mavala's bestsellers. Simply apply across the lash line before you go to sleep and the product promises to deliver enhanced, thicker, healthier lashes. Paired with its Eye-Lite Creamy Mascara Treatment, you'll be dazzled by the results.

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