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Discover the benefits of taking vitamins with Myvitamins

Health and wellness company Myvitamins was formed in 2012, and boasts a wide range of products designed to supplement the body with any missing vitamins and minerals. Whether you're after something to act as the perfect partner for vigorous gym sessions, an immune system booster, or the ideal start to the day for an extra little burst of energy, everyone can find space on their bathroom shelves for these alternative tubs and powders.

Myvitamins has become such a hit by reworking classic supplements and vitamins. For example, collagen supplements are mixed with coconut for a delightful taste.

Suitable for vegans, the Myvitamins tub of biotin has proved to be an iconic bestseller. Packed full of Vitamin B, just one tablet every day will work wonders on your hair, skin and nails. Biotin works to leave your hair glossier and stronger, your nails healthier, and your skin more radiant. On top of this, there are also great wellness benefits, as an increase in biotin can also boost your energy levels.

LOOKFANTASTIC is proud to be an official stockist of the Myvitamins brand.

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