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"Nailberry was founded in 2012 by Sonia Hully, after witnessing the success of her premium Nail Bar in London's Chelsea. The transition came as Hully noticed that more and more women were coming into the Nail Bar with chipped and damaged nails. Whether this was from environmental stressors such as pollution, or lifestyle stressors such as the habit of nail-biting, the result was the same – chipped manicures. She decided that the only way to change this would be to rewrite the narrative, creating her own set of high-end polishes that were much more resilient than the ones already on the market.

Hully’s award-winning creation was the patented L’Oxygéné technology. This is a solution that is used by millions of women to deliver a healthy manicure with a pop of colour, because why should we have to compromise one for the other? Dip your tips into shades like Noirberry, Rose Blossom, or Grateful for a salon-worthy look at home.

All Nailberry products are formulated to be all-inclusive, which is why they’re cruelty-free, vegan and halal.

LOOKFANTASTIC are official UK stockists of the Nailberry brand."

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