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Nejma 7

A sweet Floral-Oriental eau de parfum

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About the Brand

Marie Lise Bischoff grew up just a few miles from Grasse so it is no surprise that she has fragrance in her soul. However it was a trip to the Far East that inspired her to create the extraordinary Nejma collection, an all-encompassing olfactory experience based on a captivating oriental fable. The heroine of this fable, Nejma, was a woman of incomparable charm and beauty. Captured by pirates, Nejma ultimately caught the eye of the Vizier, who, unable to live without her, asked her to be his wife. Nejma and the Vizier had seven daughters each of whom tried to immortalize the essence of her mother in a scent. The Nejma collection is thus comprised of seven fragrances, each based on the precious oriental base of Oud, and blended with different ingredients from around the world to create new and exciting fragrance symphonies.

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