About The Brand

Ouidad is the Original Curl Expert with one iconic idea—let curls be curls. For over 30 years, we’ve perfected a unique customized approach for each curl type—Loose, Classic, Tight, and Kinky curls. The Ouidad philosophy knows curls inside and out. We’ve sourced the most sophisticated ingredients to create the ideal, targeted formulas for every curl type, in every condition. Our certified salons and in the USA are staffed by the most skilled curl experts in the industry, trained in our trademarked cutting and styling techniques. Others may talk to curls, but only Ouidad speaks their language.

"Ouidad put her name to her brand in 1984 when she embarked on creating a haircare range to embody her philosophy to let curls be curls. Designed to accentuate and protect the beauty of a curl, her line offers a wide range of solutions that are suited for every kind of curl, whether it be a wavy, loose, tight, or coiled.

Ouidad keeps curls happy, strong, and soft. Her cleansers, conditioners, stylers, scalp carers and shapers have been formulated with a heavenly blend of ingredients that are naturally sourced and backed both by science and experience. Free from artificial aggressors, the brand helps your curls put their best foot forwards so that they’re always picture perfect without any kind of compromise.

Curls come with the common misconception that they’re high maintenance, but Ouidad simplifies curl care and styling. Her bestselling Advanced Climate Control Detangling Spray works to gently free your hair from knots, whilst leaving a layer of thermal and UV protection. The spray also helps damp strands to form lush and defined curls.

At LOOKFANTASTIC we’re proud to be official stockists of the Ouidad brand."