London based luxury brand Rodial was founded by former Beauty Editor, Maria Hatzistefanis in 1999.

The ultimate in premium modern skincare, every Rodial product has been formulated using high-performance, innovative ingredients. From the bestselling Dragon’s Blood collection to the Snake range, which contains a muscle freezing peptide that mimics the effects of a snake’s venom, Rodial delivers instant results with long-lasting benefits. Each collection has been engineered to offer targeted solutions to specific skin concerns, ranging from inflammation and dehydration to a lack of radiance and the advanced signs of aging. 

Rodial’s makeup collection incorporates the brand’s heritage in skincare to create a unique product offering. From a Skin Tint infused with peptides, to luxurious compact powders enriched with anti-oxidants, every element of the collection has been painstakingly designed and crafted to take the flawless complexion that Rodial skincare delivers to the next level with the ultimate sculpting makeup.



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In the age of chemical peels and cosmetic surgery, Rodial has captured nature’s power by creating a range of super-effective skincare. Rodial products deliver targeted treatments to specific skin concerns - from wrinkles and age spots to cellulite and stretch marks - working to sculpt your body to A-list standards. Combining breakthrough formulations of natural ingredients clinically proven to show results with scientific expertise, Rodial brings you the ultimate in skincare. Beauty fads come and go, but the Rodial range is among the few classics the stars rely on to look good.
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