About the Brand

SHRINE breaks boundaries, launching world first products that are innovating and beneficial to the future of our planet. Founder and Creative Director Jenna Meek has created the world's first, multi-use hair dye that allows you to create your perfect shades, every time, using just one bottle! SHRINE is the trend-setter, the brand that dares and excites. SHRINE is all about self celebration, empowerment and embracing individuality. With DROP IT, SHRINE puts the power in your hands to create and control your colour, never limiting your potential, instead they let it flourish! Be bold and stand out, or tone it down and feel quietly confident, one bottle caters for all styles, and every occasion. With DROP IT, you can be confident you're benefiting both your hair and the planet, SHRINE has created the world's first multi-use hair dye that boasts no single-use plastics, is vegan and cruelty free. Feel as good as you look with guilt free purchasing #JOINTHEPARTY

"One bottle, endless shades. Embrace your individuality, switch up your style and join the party with SHRINE's world first, plastic free hair dye drops" - Jenna Meek