skinny tan

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Skinny Tan was created by real women, for real women; driven by passion, our aim, was to create a range of tanning products that could be enjoyed by every shape, size and skin type.

As seen on Dragon’s Den, with thousands of 5 star reviews and a loyal global community of millions, it’s become the tan loved by women for the flawless, streak-free, natural looking results it provides – every single time.

Vegan friendly, cruelty-free, a “skinny” up to 99% naturally derived ingredients list and packed with moisturising factors, Skinny Tan has overcome the barriers of old to deliver a result so flawless and easy to achieve that anyone can do it.

Skinny Tan believes in body confidence, not body perfection.

"I was a huge fake-tan sceptic until I found Skinny Tan. They’ve fully converted me and every time I’m complimented on my tan I grin, wink and say it’s Skinny Tan...loud and proud.” - Skinny Tan fan.